5 Best Dictionary Apps for iOS

With Apple trying to change every boring aspect of life into a fun filled moment, the company this time tries to undermine the idea that dictionaries are uninteresting. Following is a list of 5 Best Dictionary Apps for iOS which come with loads of features which make the experience of looking word in dictionary a more interesting experience:

[box_light]American Heritage Dictionary[/box_light]

American heritage Dictionary is one of the best Dictionary apps for iOS. You can safely throw those hefty monstrous dictionaries for this dictionary which weigh not more than your iOS device. This dictionary contains all the pages of the dictionary and you have more than 3,00,000 words in your pocket. This dictionary has more than 64,000 entries of audio pronunciations. Along with this superb package, there are some additional features in this dictionary like external and internal linking, graphics which can be zoomed, automatic search history along with real time progressive look up. You will definitely ditch your bulky dictionary for this powerful digital dictionary.

[box_light]Merriam-Webster Dictionary[/box_light]

The dictionary to be found in almost every household, it has been the standard dictionary for decades. This app for iOS will not disappoint you with 2,25,000 definitions and pronunciations. The advantage of using this app is that unlike other dictionaries you will not have to require an internet connection for this. You just have to download the app and then you are ready to use the dictionary. There are hyperlinks in between the articles and comes with a search history of last 100 words.

[box_light]Oxford Dictionary[/box_light]

Oxford Dictionary needs no introduction. One of the best in the lot, the Oxford dictionary is one of the most user friendly dictionaries you can have. The dictionary is updated regularly and revised frequently and is the most stellar dictionary app available for iOS. With more than 3,50,000 words, meanings and phrases, 11,000 entries from encyclopaedia, 70, 000 pronunciations and 67,000 examples of using those words, the dictionary is a complete substitute for those bulky Oxford dictionaries but in a more compact form. This app can work without an internet connection making it more appealing.

[box_light]Wordbook Dictionary[/box_light]

The Wordbook dictionary is the top selling dictionary app in the iOS since the beginning. Wordbook dictionary has been composed while keeping students of English major in mind and comes with thousands of words. There are 1,50,000 words with 2,20,000 definitions along with 70,000 examples of using those entries. Features like words of the day, a thesaurus and content similar to browser have made this app a must have on iOS. Also, user friendly navigation options have made this dictionary to remain at the top in the best dictionary apps list.

[box_light]Ninjawords Dictionary[/box_light]

The words which define Ninjas are the words which define this dictionary; fast, smart and accurate.Ninjawords Dictionary app is easy to use and contains all the latest words. In this dictionary all the words do not remain on different pages and you do not have to flip back and forth, page after page making it user friendly. In addition to these features, the dictionary comes with a thesaurus and audio pronunciation guide.


With these dictionaries the developers have succeeded in subverting the notion that looking a word in dictionary in boring and time consuming. These dictionary apps have made the paper dictionaries dispensable and these digital dictionaries come with all that information stored in those bulky dictionaries with an easy access and more user friendly way.

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