How to sync Microsoft Office and Google Docs

Google Docs has been a boon for users who are always on the move,with its web-based office suite and cloud data storage facility.But one problem which most of the people face is syncing their existing documents,spreadsheets,presentations etc with Google docs.Today we will see a simple solution to seamlessly sync your existing  files as well as new files created in Microsoft Office with Google Docs.

The process is quite simple and hardly takes few minutes and any be done by anyone.Previously there used to be many tools in the market for syncing files between MS  Office and Google Docs and people used to get confused with what to use and what not to.But after launch of Google Cloud Connect,the process had become a piece of cake.

Step 1

First of all download Google Cloud Connect.It works with all versions of MS Office from 2003 onwards.If you want Google to collect anonymous data then click on the checkbox.


When you click on the download button, the installation process will start automatically and the plugin will be installed.

Step 2

After it has been installed successfully. Start any of the MS Office Application like MS Word ,MS Excel etc and you will see a new bar just below the taskbar.


Step 3

Click on the login button and you will be presented with a new screen.Click on Grant button to allow Google to access your documents.


Once access is granted you will be taken to the gobal settings window,wherein you can input the email id where you want to sync your documents.

Choose the Sync Option:

Automatic sync with Google docs whenever you save the document or make changes to the document.

Manual sync will only sync when you click on the sync button. This option is good if you want to sync selected documents only.


Click on Disable Protected View if you want to enable editing of your files on Google docs itself.

Thats all now your MS Office files would be seamlessly  synced with Google docs and you can now access your files anywhere on the globe  as long as you have an active Internet Connection.

Do let us know if you didn’t understood any part of the process or face any problem during the process.

Yash Sehgal is the editor-in-chief of Techmadoo.He is currently pursuing his Masters in Information Technology and is a geek since birth. Fiddling with latest gadgets and tech toys is his one of this favorite past-times. Connect with him on: Google+ | Facebook | Twitter

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