Mitashi BE-150 3G Tablet Review

The year 2012 has seen launches of many android tablets from low-end range all the way up to high-end range.Every gadget company nowadays wants to get a piece of Android tablet market and now another Indian company-Mitashi has launched its own lineup of Android tablet which caters to the budget range of tablet market.

Today we are going to review the flagship tablet called Mitashi BE-150 3G,which is a 7-inch android tablet running Android ICS a.k.a Android 4.0.4.

Built Quality

When we are talking about a mid-budget tablet,built quality cant be the main USP of the tablet and this tablet is no exception.The built quality is mediocre and it feels plasticky in hand.The backside is a fingerprint magnet and requires frequent cleaning.

DSC_0242  DSC_0244

During our tests,we found  the back panel to be creaking a bit at certain places.Also the whole tablet rattles when using the speaker at more than 60% of its max output.


The accessories kit is minimal and includes:

  1. AC Charger
  2. Data Cable
  3. Warranty Card


The display is the main USP of this tablet.It features a IPS display instead of the regular TFT displays which are generally found in tablets in these range.Being a IPS display,the viewing angles are pretty good with no drastic shift in color when viewing from an angle,also the colors are rich and vibrant.

No Shift in Color at Different Angles

DSC_0251  DSC_0254  DSC_0255

The display is pretty bright but sadly the tablet does not feature an ambient light sensor which means no auto brightness feature.If you are buying this tablet for movie watching,you are thoroughly going to enjoy it.It has a resolution of 800X600 pixels.


The tablet features a 0.3MP front facing camera and a 5MP camera on back.The camera is not a strong point of this tablet and its performance is really very poor.Photos are of average quality in good light conditions and in low light conditions,its below acceptable levels.


The external speaker is pretty loud but clarity is not one of its strong points,but this might not be a issue for non-power users.Apart from the external speakers,we get a 3.5mm jack.The output is pretty loud and during our tests we never felt the need to go above 40% of its max output.

But one major issue is presence of static in the 3.5mmvjack,the hissing sound might irritate some people.The hissing sound is present even when nothing is being played out.


It played most of the video formats without losing breath,the inbuilt video player does its job pretty well and we had no issues even while playing 1080p movie rips.


On the storage fronts,we get  0.92GB of storage for applications which is pretty good,while we get another 1.98GB for storing user data like movies,photos,music etc.The storage can be further expanded using microSD cards.It supports upto 32GB of external storage.


The main feature of this tablet is 3G connectivity,it features a sim card slot for inserting 3G enabled sim cards.The tablet also has calling functionality so it can be also used as a phone if one is willing to use it.The 3G works well with no drop in connection at all.Even the voice call was crystal clear with no disturbance at call during calls.


Apart from 3G connectivity,we get Wi-Fi with b/g/n support as well as Bluetooth support.The tablet also has a HDMI port for mirroring the tablet on external display devices.



Let me tell you frankly if you are looking to get a tablet only for hardcore gaming then this is not the tablet for you.However,the tablet can sail through casual gaming smoothly.During our tests we played many games and it sailed through every game.

Games we played:

  • Fruit Ninja
  • Temple Run
  • Angry Birds
  • Blood & Glory
  • Subway Surfer

No lags were experienced  playing any of these games at all.The touch response was fair enough although not as sharp as one gets on high-end tablets.The motion sensor works well and does not gives false inputs.

Battery Life

A 3000mAh battery does its duty in the tablet.We were able to get around 5.3 hours of battery life with heavy usage and around 8 hours of battery life  on normal usage,which brings the average battery life to be around 6 hours.

Charging the battery takes time but it can be improved using a high amp charger.With the default charger it takes 6 hours to fully charge the battery.

Price and Conclusion

If you are looking for a tablet which can do fair amount of gaming along with brilliant screen quality and video  playback along with 3G+Wifi options but don’t wanna burn a hole in your pocket then this the tablet for you.

Although it has its share of niggles but the price point at which it is available makes this tablet a neat buy.It has available for a street price of around Rs.10,000/- in the Indian market with 1-year warranty from Mitashi India.

Yash Sehgal is the editor-in-chief of Techmadoo.He is currently pursuing his Masters in Information Technology and is a geek since birth. Fiddling with latest gadgets and tech toys is his one of this favorite past-times. Connect with him on: Google+ | Facebook | Twitter

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