Top 10 Android Apps for Girls

Android seems to be the catchword of this Smartphone wielding generation as we all trawl through internet and the Google play trying to find the right app for us. Having a plethora off apps may not necessarily simplify your life; nevertheless, we are busy loading up our Smartphones with the latest apps. Although it seems that app stores are mostly filled with more suited to boyish tastes, there are also quite a few Android apps dedicated to make a girl’s life more entertaining, if not simpler. Here’s a list of such Android apps, dedicated solely to girls:

1. Stylish Girl- Fashion Closet

Stylish Girl- Fashion Closet

For girls who grew up idolizing Dior and Gucci, this is the ultimate style app. Apart from the very obvious shopping online feature, you can replicate your wardrobe with this app so that instead of trudging through your closet at the last moment, you can pull up any dress through this app. This virtual wardrobe keeps a tab of your purchases, making sure you don’t buy an article you already have.

2. Pink Pad

Pink Pad

This Android app is specifically designed to reach the masses of girls and help them feel less inhibited about those special days. It keeps track of period and ovulation and fertile days, enabling you to plan certain activities. Although it is virtually impossible to pin-point such dates, its predictions are good enough, give or take a couple of days. The app also allows you to connect and share health issues with women around the world.

3. Dress Up Prom Night- Game

Dress Up Prom Night- Game

I bet a few of you have scrunched up your noses at the word ‘prom’, but even though proms receive mixed responses, girls under a certain age find this game quite entertaining and addictive even. Granted, dressing up is not exactly a game you would like to indulge in when you are in college, but there is a certain nostalgic charm to this app. Perhaps appealing to the girl that lives in every grown-up woman’s heart? Maybe you will that little girl in you discover yourself while sticking hair bands in your character’s hair.

4. Seesmic

Seesmic is a pretty straightforward Android app for girls; it manages your social networking accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Twitpic, Youtube, yFrog- you name it and Seesmic has it all. URL shortening, geotagging, autocomplete are but some of the neat features among many that Seesmic supports.

5. My Days

My Days- Period and Ovulation

This Android app for girls is similar to Pink Pad, although a bit less versatile. However, it is more of an health app with a Basal Metabolic Temperature chart, a backup of the email history with your doctor, the ovulation and fertility tracker and it also allows you to add personal information on contraceptives or other methods of birth control.

6. Supermarket Mania

If you loved Zoo Tycoon as a child, this will probably be right up your alley. Supermarket Mania is a game app where you have to help a feisty-looking Nikki run five stores. With over a dozen of products, seven types of customers and lots of accessories and upgrades, it makes a very addictive game to while away your time.

7. Fashion Story

Fashion Story

Unlike the name of the app claims, it hasn’t got so much of a story, but if fashion is your thing then you will definitely enjoy stocking the best brands and personalizing the layout of your store so that hungry customers can come in and splurge in your very own fashion store. Fashion Story is one of the best Android games that is highly addictive and any girl would love playing.

8. Stand O’Food

A simple but entertaining game app, Stand O’Food lets you run a restaurant and feed the starving clientele while the clock runs down. Using small strategies to reduce time consumption, earning money to upgrade equipments make the game more exciting and goal-oriented.

9. Top Girl

Is it your dream to pamper yourself with gorgeous clothes, go on extravagant vacations all over the world, and have a gala time with a special someone? Then Top Girl is your app that allows your to live that dream through a few swipes of your smartphone. A bonus- it lets you capture those ‘special’ moments with your virtual boyfriend with a photo feature.

10. All recipes

And finally we come to the app that caters to millions of girls and women alike- the food app! With over 40,000 recipes at your fingertips, this app will definitely make you feel the almighty of the kitchen. The clear categories, search add-ons are very helpful to find a recipes on certain ingredients or methods.

Even though we list this as the ‘best 10 Android apps for girls’, roughly based on download statistic, choices do vary. So go out, browse through the Google Play and find that app that absolutely defines you.

Yash Sehgal is the editor-in-chief of Techmadoo.He is currently pursuing his Masters in Information Technology and is a geek since birth. Fiddling with latest gadgets and tech toys is his one of this favorite past-times. Connect with him on: Google+ | Facebook | Twitter

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  • so… girls are all about periods and ugly looking fashion apps? looks like SOOOOMEONE doesn’t understand the ladies.

    also, these apps are all really ugly, i mean look at them. why would anyone download these?

    • Reb you might wanna suggest some apps which you use on daily basis :)

      The apps has been listed by analyzing the statistics of each app and these apps seems to be mostly downloaded by women and girls.

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