UrbanEars:Fashionable Headphones Maker enters India

If you are excited by fancy and swanky audio devices then there is some good news in store for you.UrbanEars a brand making fashionable headphones and earphones has been introduced in Indian market,bringing more options for users in this segment which already has players like Beats by Dr.Dre and Skull Candy.


UrbanEars have launched 4 models into the market,out of which 1 is an IEM and rest are headphones.All the models are available in range of different colors ranging from Grape, Mustard, Tomato, Mocca, White, Black & Denim color editions.


Urbanears Bagis

The only IEM in the range is called Bagis and its said to be a compact version of their full-size headphone.It features rubber housing which is combined with a fabric.The cord is made of TPE which helps in eliminating distortion caused by friction in wires.



urbanears plattan

The plattan is their flagship headphone.It is a full-size on-ear headphone featuring Zoundplug which is nothing but a aux in port on the headphone which lets one to connect one more headphone thereby sharing the same music between two headphones.Plattan is a flexible headphone which can be folded to size of a fist when not in use.



urbanears tanto

The tanto is a small sized headphone for consumers looking out for maximum mobility,although small in size it does not compromise in performance.Made for everyday use.



urbanears medis

Medis comes with UrbanEars patented Earclick construction which secures the headphone at two different points rather than one point like in conventional headphones which translates into less pressure on your ears.The EarClick construction makes use of the bottom of the ear, much like the standard construction, and adds an upward hook securing the earpiece.


So which one are you going to get?

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